Friday, July 13, 2012

Our first few weeks at the Dorm

The dorm had two Thai dogs, which were orginally street dogs, they had been at the dorm for 5 years, but the past few years they have been biting, Pete got bitten in the first week.  We have since moved them to the country

Water play fun - it was a very hot day

Shalese helping our Househelper Khon Eid fix the hose, the girls have really enjoyed having them around, and they are helping the girls learn Thai

Started painting the walls, the blue walls were the first to go!! 45 areas Pete has to paint over the next 3 weeks.  Can he do it? Yes he can Bob the Builder

A weekly grocery shop

Our lovely home for the next 4 years

We had to get two dogs for security, Lulu is from an Aussie family who was heading home, she is 4 years old, and Nathan's her favourite

Naralak (Nara for short) means cute in Thai.  A lady was giving them away, she is 7 weeks old, a toy poodle cross with shitzu.  They are the dorm dogs. She has the same colouring of our dog from home, who has since passed away.

Our children are 50% dutch.  This photo reminded us of that fact!

Our househelper/cook Hua, gave the children a toy pottery Thai cooking set to play with, they love helping Hua in the kitchen and talking Thai with her.  The girls and Nathan are still doing an hour lesson each week during the holidays, plus an hour at school each week once they are back.  They do correct Pete and I a fair bit!


  1. Great to get a glimpse of your life in Thailand, thanks.

    All that painting!! It reminds me of the work in Beattie street.

    Lots of love from Opa Oma and Omi.

  2. Thank you for the update good to see the photos it helps to visualize the home and location a little better. Peter has had lots of practice painting that will come in handy. Love to you all Mum and Dad xx