Monday, July 18, 2011

July Prayletter

You would think we would learn!

We forget, at times, that we should ask God for help,

and turn to Him in prayer. Like last November when

we were selling our home. 4 weeks of no offers, except

a verbal one. It dawned on us that we hadn't

prayed! We handed the sale over to God, and that

afternoon we received a written contract for more

than the verbal offer. More recently we put the caravan

on ebay and after 2 weeks it still hadn't sold. We

were puzzled as we have had no trouble selling on

ebay before! As we typed the June prayerletter we

realized again that we hadn’t asked God to help, and

it would be a good idea to put the van on the prayer

list. 3 days later we sold it for the price we needed.

We easily forget. Praise God we have His prompting

and guidance. Without Him life would be full of doubt

and worry. He is both forgiving and gracious to us,

even when we don't learn the first time!


Strength - with travel and

speaking engagements

Children - they feel settled

in our busy moments, and

in church visitations

Peace during those feelings

of living in ‘limbo’

Leanna - wisdom teeth

causing pain


Church visits - Gladstone

Baptist, Albion Baptist,

Bayside Baptist, such a

blessing and encouragement

to us!

Shalese - Healing of all

other nuts, drop in peanut

Sale of Caravan

Safe journey in travels


July 30th

Christmas in July evening

at Rochedale Baptist

July 31st

Sharing at Gospel Centre

in Thornlands

August 7th

Sharing at Macgregor

Presbyterian Church

September 2nd to 4th

OMF National Conference

September 4th

Visit to Burwood Baptist

October 9th

Beaudesert Baptist

Latest News

- Shalese had her appointment with the allergist 2 weeks

ago, and praise God, the peanut allergy is continuing to

drop (3 points) and all other nut allergies have completely

gone. Thank you to all who are praying. Her next appointment

is at the end of October. Please continue to pray

that there will be no sign of any peanut allergy. The Dr

was a little surprised, and I was able to announce proudly

that we had a lot of people praying that she would be

healed. Pray for the Dr, that a

seed will be planted in his life.

- We have had a wonderful

time speaking at churches

over the past 4 weeks. It has

been a great encouragement

to us and a reminder that we

are all in this journey together,

with one God, working

toward the goal.

Gladstone Baptist Church visit

kids love to participate in our presentation

Karen Grant - my bridesmaid, and I hers, flatmates and friends

visited the Marina - Heta's favourite place in the world

a little over the drive

Ice Skating with friends and other things

dreamworld visit

leanna got chosen from the clown to come and help him out

all 4 children went on all the rides that they were tall enough 4, the roller coaster with dangling legs was the most popular. Very brave children!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Tim Cross

Tim Cross, OMF Victorian/Tas director, and an old friend of ours, came and shared at Rochedale Baptist Church.  He and his family have only just got back from Indonesia, spending 2yrs on the field. 

Pete and Leanna watched the footy

Leanna was invited to the footy by her school friend and Peter got offered a ticket to go watch from our Gladstone friends.  It was a great game!

JB soccer group photos

Holiday fun

Made Pooh Bear a house out of Duplo

Leanna made a sea out of paper boats

The girls had a sleep over in mum and Dads room

free animal show

a pool of elastic ribbon

We had a wedding at our home this week.  The girls used scrap fabric, stapler, rubber bands and sissors to create these outfits Awesome girls!

Nathan's Band Showcase

This video shows us the skills of the precussion only, great beating Nathan!

In year 5, the students have 6 months of band to see if they enjoy it, and whether they will be chosen to continue on.  Nathan successfully was chosen to do precussion, and his drum lessons helped in his skills.  Well done Nathan!

School dress up days - Leanna and Shalese

 Nope not Leanna's real hair!!!

 Mr Sheild, Leanna's very fun year 2 teacher - dressed as a rockstar!

I added this photo, even though it is blury, as Shalese is singing the national anthem - very patriotic Shalese!

Leanna had to dress up in her favourite occupation, and Shalese had to go in something that is an Australian Icon.  Check them out! Awesome job girls!!!