Thursday, February 24, 2011

Missing a tooth!

Leanna has been waiting, and waiting and waiting to loose her first tooth, it was wiggling for 3 whole weeks, but finally fell out at school. The tooth fairy left $2 under her pillow. She now has two personal records at school. The smallest in her class and the last one to loose her teeth! Well done Leanna! She is enjoying her teacher MR Shields, he stands on the desks, plays the guitar and calls me Bozie!

JB starts Year 8

JB is well on his way through the first term of Year 8. He is enjoying his subjects, Maths, Science, SOSE, English, Christian studies, Graphics and design and swimming as a sport. He has taken up soccer on Saturday's with the Mansfield Eagles soccer club. JB has grown 2 inches over the holidays, he is now up to my (Rach's) temple!

Bosma Newsletter - Feb 2011

February 2011 Bosma Newsletter
We have had a month of ‘organisation’. Now that all our children attend school (the first time in 13 yrs). This has given us the opportunity to work on writing letters, arranging church appointments and catching up with friends and each other, for a coffee!

Peter completed his TESOL course. It was tough, but he received his certificate. Thanks to all those who were willing to assist with his assignments! Very Brave!

Rachael is enjoying her time helping in the children’s classrooms, and child minding for EYB bible group at church.

We are going to Sydney on the 18th March, for the MKPFO (missionary Kid Personnel Pre Field Orientation) It is designed for staff heading for ministry among MK’s and TCK’s. We are very excited about gaining more insight into the needs of MK’s, incl. our 4 future TCK’s!

Holding up each other
Our Pastor spoke recently, about the story of Moses, where as he raised his hands the war prevailed, but as they fell it changed course, so God called in two helpers, Aaron and Hur, to assist in ‘holding up’ Moses arms, for the battle to be won.

We sometimes feel that we have to ‘have it all together’ , but, just like Moses, we need to embrace the support of trusted friends and advisors. So I would like to Thank you for your words of encouragement and advice as we travel with you.
His servants, Pete and Rachael

Saturday, February 5, 2011

OMF Conference

We had a great time of learning during the december Candidates Course with OMF. We were a small group, but we gained alot of skills, ideas and information. We were very fortunate to meet the International Director of OMF. Please pray for all the Candidates of the course and the staff of OMF, as we prepare to go onto the field to do the Lords Work.

Our new neighbour

Leanna found a Koala running from gum tree to another, he placed himself in the tree above our caravan. He was a very big koala. He just watched us from his branch. We spot him now
and then, hanging out in the trees!

First Day at School for 2011

About to start our first day back at school, looking fresh and ready to go!

Nathan has made a great start in yr 5, feeling positive and full of energy. He is continuing on with drum lessons, and is trying out for the band next week. He is taking up speech and Drama and swimming. He has been placed in the second highest Maths class. Mr O'Sullivan is his teacher, which he is very excited about!

Leanna is in year 2 this year. She has Mr Shield as his teacher, he is very enthusiastic and has been voted the best teacher ever by the students. He has already jumped on the childrens desk, and had Christine on the desk teaching the class (leanna's friend). Leanna is participating in piano lessons again this year, as well as Choir, gymnastics and swimming lessons. She has been invited to take up squad training - she is our rocket pocket!

Shalese is our baby, heading into Prep K, 5 days a week! Her teachers are sweet Mrs Korner, and lovely Mrs Paton. Her favourite thing to do is language learning and we are greeted with french at present! She loves singing and praying. Shalese is joining the Choir and swimming lessons this year. She really want to do ballet so we will see how busy mummy is first!
Check out the blog in the next few days, as Joshua is going back to school this, starting year 8. He hopes to take up the guitar and has joined the Mansfield Soccer Club this year, starting his first game on the 26th March. He attended his first Youth group activity at church, with a pool party, and had lots of fun!

bowling and laser force

We visited a bowling and laser force fun shop. It was so much fun! Shalese was so funny with the laser force - she took it so seriously! Nathan won the bowling game - well done Son!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Zoo keeper for a Day

Nathan enjoying the concert and croc show - VIP treatment - best seats in the house
They got to feed the otters - Josh's favourite experience

They had to clean the turtles, Nathan's favourite experience

Bindi and Terry talking about the Crocs

Bindi Irwin Concert

The boys had 5hours of behind the scenes experience, at Australia Zoo. They had to clean and feed turtle, kangaroo and otter enclosures. They met Bob, who sat with them while watching the concert. Joshua took the camera and took these photos of thier experiences. Joshua is even more keen to become a Zoo keeper one day!

Modern Art Gallery art and craft

We had so much fun making paper birds and nests, the shredded paper was more fun used as hair than nesting!

We had to focus an a particular article in the music clip (eg umbrella in singing in the rain), then follow it with the pen while the clip and music is playing, a pattern we left on the tracing paper. Cool!

This was amazing! People stood on the decking of a pool, and looked in, and saw people "in the pool" can you make out the Bosma's? How did they do it? The little 3 year old boy we were with, when looking into the pool from above, yelled "someone should save those people!" He was a little confused!

A massive slide going from the next floor, it was extremely fast!

Shalese listening to the music that went with this amazing clay display of China (modern and Ancient times)

This was a design, makde out of blocks of wood, of the actual Brisbane city, and the children can use the coloured blocks to add to the city buildings

Nathan made a massive sky scraper!

We went to one craft stall and made some creatures on straws and then we walked into another room, and they had screens set up to play with our puppets! We enjoyed this activity the most!

holiday fun

We had a lovely break, catching up on some fun! The boys enjoying thier new toy! Christmas present from Daddy. We have plenty of space at the church to ride around for hours!

Finally, the fireworks! YEY!

sparklers, still waiting for the fireworks to start!

A little Thai girl came and sat with us, and loved JB reading her a book and making all the animal sounds! She called JB "hey boy":>

Pete and Pete having a chat while waiting for the new years eve fireworks to start

The children playing a board game, still waiting for the fireworks to start!

Leanna and Mahala, they are the best of friends!

Brisbane city from Kangaroo Point, watching the sunset, as we wait for the fireworks

Mt Cootha Botanical Gardens - we wanted to have a day here to see how all the rain had grown the plants and flowers. It did a great job!
Nathan tricking a local turtle to eat a leaf - we were suprised that he didnt get bitten, it just seems to happen to Nathan, but not on this occasion
The girls loved rolling down the grassy hill, after all that beautiful rain!
A Pie at the award winnning Yatala Pie shop, after eating on of these pies, no other pie is good enough!
Watched a childrens rocket story at the Planaterium, a large dome, used as a movie screen. You lay back on the chairs and watch the rocket visiting all the planets and stars! Awesome!