Friday, May 18, 2012

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia visa trip

Batu Caves. Most visited Hindu Temple outside India.  The largest Lord Murugan Statue in the world.

272 steps and as steep as you can see! We all were determined to make it to the top without stopping! We did it!

A lady at a Butik store on our girls morning out, thought it would be fun to dress up the girls.  Mmm, little sad, and a touch of reality for mum, as Muslim mothers dress thier children like this sometimes

The Batu Caves, once we climbed the steps you walk into this huge cave, and find more stairs

Central Market created in 1888, as a wet market

Monkeys at the Batu Caves temple

Made it to the top and back

fish spar for our girls morning out

The temple at the top of the last set of stairs - amazing


Yepee finally found 7/11 slurpies - we have been hunting them down since we left Australia

What children do when your parents dont pack toys! Find any plastic bag you can find add an elastic bag and slide on the tiles in the hotel room! Lots of fun!

Kuala Lumpur city sight from the top of our hotel building

Spotted a Chinese Buddhist temple

Petronas Towers - largest twin towers in the World.  The middle bridge is not fixed to the two towers as the buildings sway 7 meters so they needed to allow for movement.  Mmmm mum is not going up there!

No food vendors/stalls allowed on footpath. Dont see that everyday!

We got our visa's renewed, and they gave us a years visa with mulitple entry which is unusual, and more than we asked PRAISE GOD! It was nice to experience another Asian City.  We found that KL was not as 'friendly' as Thailand, and the people seemed sad, and appressed.  Reading through their local newspaper also confirmed the sadness that they must feel.  Please pray that the Good News will be heard in this country, and that many will be called to come and spread the Good News.  It is a Muslim Majority Nation, but still is open to other religions, Pray that they hear before it becomes closed to the one true God! 

Hamsters and other fun things

legoland for hamsters

Leanna's project poster - all about me was the topic

Nathan found a transformer at the shopping centre

JB's group assignment about south America

Shalese was a zebra for the kindy play about making right choices

How many clips can one girl have?

Nathan had to invent something for a school project. After playing Dominos at an OMF Aunties place he designed and made the DominAid which accurately sets up the dominos to make them tumble perfectly.  He got 100% for his invention

Cultural visit to doi Suthep Buddhist Temple Chiang Mai

Please Pray for the Buddhist's of Thailand, that they will see that God can offer them so much more than thier idols and rules. That there eyes will see signs and visions of the love that God has for them.

Dancers outside the temple, people throw money into the dish for 'extra' blessings

Buddhist's on tour - they come and visit temples to gain experience

after praying before we entered the temple, we found the amazing gold statues etc.  The high peak represents the stages in which they go to reach Nivarna - a place of 'nothingness', which all Buddhist try to reach through good deeds, and following the rules (commandments) of Buddha

The very large, steep and long staircase - lots of fun to climb! With amazing things to find at the end

A 'mini' temple were a buddhist monk sits and blesses each buddhist vistor

children join the 'monkhood' at a young age, after paying alot of money.  It is the ultimate thing to do as a parent,  to have your son join for at least one year.  (did you know that their are buddhist nun's as well?)

The amazing view from the temple, on a clear day you can see all of chiang mai and beyond

Thursday, May 10, 2012

happy birthday Shalese! Random photos of Chiang Mai

Cook eggs in the hotsprings, by hanging a small grass basket off a hook in the hot springs, yummy!

Songkran festival - Thai new years celebration.  Buddhist Monks sprinkle water for a blessing of prosperity, but it has turned into a huge display of water fights on the streets of Thailand and some other Asian countries

We were invited by our language teacher to join her church to celebrate Easter.  They met at the local dam for a dawn service, then a boiled easter egg hunt (all in Thai!).  Thai people dont celebrate Easter with Chocolate Easter Eggs

This elderly man was 'teaching' pete about the Wai - the polite way to bow when greeting a Thai person

Songkran festival fun

Finally found something to roast, a whole fresh chicken. Nice Easter Dinner

                                            One of our Thai lessons (sorry its sideways?)

                                                                Transport -  varieties galore

The tables where we wait for the children after school. I love hanging out with God here after we drop the kids off in the morning.
                             Shalese's kindy class had an excursion on her bithday at a pottery place
                     Jackson's visted us on thier way through to Nairobi - Rod works for World Vision
                     Shalese's morning surprise at breakfast, Mum and Dad made a 'banner for breakfast'

                                                 Shalese's class singing happy birthday
                                                                       Fish foot spa
                                        Sharing left over cake and presents with family outside school
                                                   Shalese had a small party with her class

Sorry for the random photos, having trouble downloading the photos in an order I would like.  But 'you will get the picture:>'