Friday, January 22, 2010

Leanna and Shalese decided to make a muddy mix of thier "dirt shells" that they found buried in the grass outside.

We also made some green slime last week during the holidays!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Killow visit

We had a wonderful time with the Killows and appreciate the effort they took to visit us in Sunny QLD! I realised I hadnt taken many photos of the visit, but we did have lots of fun spent in the pool, Hanna doing the girls hair and being 'encouraged' to participate in games with the girls, and having coffee and good conversation with the adults. Thanks Killows for coming to stay with us! We have played the game Whoono nearly every day since the family left Thanks so much!

News update

Tia our compassion girl
1)Leanna has successfully rode to school twice now and is a natural (the dutch bike riding skills and courage is a blessing!) Leanna LOVES the challange! We have a very steep hill in both directions and she flys down them! We are very proud of her!!!

2) Rachael is heading to Indonesia for a mission trip with Compassion and Rochedale Baptist on the 23rd of June to the 3rd of July. As a church we have taken over a compassion Project in Mojowarno 9.2 km from Jombang. It involves individuals in the church family to support a child from the village and as a team we support the village as a whole. As this is our first trip to the area, we will be taking a look at Compassion Projects in Jarkarta, ophanages and Churches in the village. Please pray for guidance, safety and provision, and on a personal note to stengthen faith in God and to use this as a step into where he wants to guide our family to do his work. Rachael will have the privilege to visit our sponsor child Tia and her family of 7! It is open to any family and friends to sponsor a child through this project, (we have 92% sponsored) so if you were thinking of doing so please feel free to contact me.

Quotable Quote

Shalese and Leanna were doing some craft at the table and Shalese grumpily complained "I cant do this!" Leanna says "Thats ok Shalese its not important" and after a few seconds pause Leanna says, with her hands on her chin and frowning over her work; "Actually what I am doing is not that important" I explained to her, as a mother does, without trying to laugh, that it is ok do things that arent that important sometimes, because it is enjoyable. they both nodded and smiled and kept on crafting!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Shalese read on

Shalese LOVES Books, and her favourites are Fox in Socks and the Lorex by Dr Suess. She is a deep thinker and loves the concept of the Lorex and how the oncler felt so bad that he used up all the truffler trees that he couldnt show his face in the whole book.

The Dancing Pop

Pop showed us his fantastic dancing ability on Christmas day!!! Mmmm dancing lessons for next years christmas gift I think.

Southbank cat. ride and Modern Art Gallery

On New Years Day we celebrated new years day by having a cat. ride on the Brisbane river, and visiting the Modern Art Gallery. They had the 6th Asia Pacific Triennial of Contemporary Art and had fun childrens activities based on the displays. We had a nice time exploring today!

Pool fence reno.

Dad and Pete worked on the pool fence to make it safe, and they did a great job! We are all safe and sound now!

Leanna riding along

Leanna's first attempt at riding her christmas present! Well done Leanna! Great riding!!!