Sunday, August 30, 2009

Beauty and brains

Shalese likes to wear her "sunglasses" just like mummy! I don't think these pretend glasses keep out much sun Shalese, but they play the part!

Hot enough for the beach!

We all had a lovely time at Wellington Pt. 33 degree heat warrented a visit to the beach! Back down to 22 today!

We visited Cleveland Point where we saw the ship being used for the next Narina film by C.S. Lewis. They start filming on the 1st of September. It set up on hydrolics, therefore rocks back and forth and side to side! Thought the Killow Children would enjoy these photos!
twelve Apostles VIC
Gardening Australia, Pete's vege patch from ABC, tasmania botanical gardens

Autumn leaves in Bega where the cheese is made, we visited the cheese factory on our visit

Albany WA

Snowy mountains

Grampians 2km walk there, but the kids made it! what a view!

Mt buller, victoria in may. Kids saw snow for the first time!

Remarkable rock, SA

Kangaroo Island, baby seals only visit tour group if children are present. They loved Leanna!

Derby, WA. 14mtre tides, and the boys nearly got taken by a croc of the rocks here! If it wasn't for a local fisherman, who told pete to get them away! WE saw the eyes of the croc!

Port arthur and cradle mountian Tasmania

Broome, girls loved climbing on the rocks and finding the dinosaur bones which are imbedded amongst them.

Sand dunes at fowlers Bay SA, which surrounded the town, and the locals have to sweep out thier homes constantly! The boys had joke that they ate sandwiches in the sand dunes!!!

Esperance jetty, sunset after watching the local seal feed off scraps from the fisherman!
Western Australian wildflowers found on the side of the road! sorry made a mistake with posing this photo!
Paranolla Park, inisfail QLD, unique place, undescribable but beautiful. A must to visit!

Devils Marbles near tennant Creek, NT

Paranolla Park Aboriginal tour, run by the local aboriginals, we learnt alot about thier culture, and food. Pete was the only one who could start the fire by rubbing sticks Yey for Daddy!

Visiting Perth was wonderful, getting to spend some time with some of our cousins was very special!