Monday, October 12, 2009

well done JB

JB recieved his Bronze certificate at Assembly today! Yey, well done SON!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Calendar | Da Vinci Machines Exhibition |

Calendar | Da Vinci Machines Exhibition |

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Once upon a time 2 little girls told their mummy and Daddy that they have eaten all their dinner. After three days mummy caught the two little girls scrapping their plates to make dinner disappear! The End (of that idea!).

creative minds

Josh was busy turning nathan into a robot out of empty boxes, and the girls played with their "sky blue playdough" we cooked just for the holidays. We loved doing drawings and colouring too!

Nathan stamps into action

Thank you to Oma and Aunty Anita for my beautiful collection of stamps and Album. I am filling my album up fast! My favourites have been from indonesia and Holland. My shirt from the Killows was such a hit that mum had to bribe me to take it off to wash it after 3 days! Thanks for all your thoughtfulness!