Friday, December 25, 2009

tea party fun

The girls had lots of fun sharing a tea party together, with a yummy rice bubbles treat with a jaffa 'cherry' on top. Shalese enjoyed pouring the tea (cold milk) and suger (drinking Chocolate) and leanna made me a yummy cup of 'tea' as well. Lovely host Leanna! Washing up was in order to, as it is all part of hosting a party! Bucket of bubbles and water was supplied! (saved mummy a job too!!!)


JB fell asleep with his santa hat on!
Christmas princesses! Nathan kindly gave the girls a crown as a gift.

Nathan enjoying opening his gifts

We celebrated Jesus' birthday with Nana and Pop. They camped out the front of the house in their caravan, and joined us for a summer aussie lunch and gift giving. It was a lovely day of sharing and caring.




Nathan finally has his own room. Peter is so clever!

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Christmas cheer from the Jones'

(Shalese has her grumpy face on as one of her little tomtes wasnt going quiet right!)

Here is what we were up to in our first week of holidays! The Jones family sent a lovely gift which we had lots of fun doing together, we all had a go! Thanks so much Jones Family and Merry Christmas!