Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Leanna in Hanna's birthday gift

Nathan and Leanna looking smart in their winter uniform. They will only get a quick look in due to our two week long winter here in Brisbane!

The Killow Family passed on two beautiful dresses onto the girls as part of thier birthday gift. Leanna wore the dress to church with the matching hair clips, Shalese is wearing her clips too. The shoes Leanna is wearing were brought with the birthday gift. (shalese took hers off for the photo, but they are the same shoe but silver!) Thank You Hanna, we hope to pass it onto Stella when we have outgrown them.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Farm Stay

Rainbow in the sky over our cottage.
Sunset over Applecross Farm

All sorts of birds to wake us in the morning, it reminded me of waking up in country England

Shalese contemplainting life on the farm

The Giant Drop - oops sorry swing! Dad keeping a watchful eye on all things safe!

Horse riding at the neighbours farm - we couldnt keep the smile of Shalese's face! Loved it!

Nathan just got back from his ride on the horse Sophie

JB heading off on his adventure!

Our 3hour tour of the farm, this was Shalese's favourite thing, travelling in the back of the ute!

Collecting firewood on the tractor, Shalese was trying not to laugh, but it made leanna laugh even more!

We got involved with Farm Stay, a organisation that connects city families with a farming family. We were placed with a family from Glen Innes who had a cattle farm, 4 hrs from brisbane. We did ute rides, tractor rides, cut firewood, shooting, horse riding, flying, motorbike riding, visit neighbours, tour of the town etc for a week. God is amazing, the family we were placed with are Christians who have missionaries come to stay in thier little cottage when they need rest! We had a wonderful time, and they were very generous with thier time and hospitality. They have travelled and lived in many different countries and he has been a pilot for many airlines. A day after I got off the plane we headed off to 0 degree temps! It was a fantastic way to get back into Aussie culture!


Our welcome to the Mojoworno project! Very emotional day!
Tiya, who loves dolls, with her mum and her little sister. She has a 37 year old sister, 26 year old brother and another teen sister as well! Mum looks so young! Tiya's family were very poor

Typical street thoughout the poor areas in Jarkarta, dirty smelly water running on or beside the path.

Tiya's Father and her family. He gets the occasional job as a handyman.

I had a wonderful time in Indonesia. We flew into Jarkarta, spent 3 days and flew onto Sarabya and drove 4 hours to Kidari and we then drove 1 and half hours each way to Mojowarno for 5 days. Mojo is where our church project and sponsor children are, and we were able to meet our child as well as put on a fun day for the children. I did face painting, which was very popular, so with 32 degree heat and crowded by 200 children was hot, but soooooo cool, I was in my element! After doing the chicken dance and playing soccer for 2 hours I was well due for a shower! I loved every second of my trip and was a wonderful experience to visit Tiya our sponsor child, in her home. Thanks to you all for your prayers and support over this time.