Sunday, December 18, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!

Are we going to Thailand?

brella and blooms

All I want for Christmas!

                                             Leanna's tooth just hanging by a thread on our way to Biloela
                                    After two days it was "really annoying" so Daddy gently pulled it out.

Biloela District Baptist Church Visit

                                                     A very old pub on our way to Biloela - stopped for traditional roast dinner and apple crumble.
 The girls werent to sure if they could sit on this toilet at the Pub, will we squash the jellybeans on the seat?
                                             Austar movie - what a treat! Tired after swimming all afternoon
                                          Ph call to parents telling them of our acceptance to Thailand
                                                    A painted wall at a reststop - A reminder of all the places we have been
Some 'arrows' sent to us from the Biloela Baptist Church Sunday school.  They had prayers for the children written on them "When a soldier goes out to fight thier snipers are there, unseen, but protecting and covering them.  OUr prayers are like sniper fire covering those who go out into God's battle field.  Our little Snipers have sent some arrows (prayers)" The cards from the children where beautiful too. 

Family Holiday at Coffs Harbour

                                                  JB and Nathan a little tired from swimming, walking and late nights!:>

                                                Pete really relaxed on his holiday - didnt even bring a razor

                                                        Inside the Big Banana

                                           Butterfly house and Maze - God's creation is awesome!

                                                      We did the maze - Yey!
                                                       Everything Butterfly!

Saturday, December 3, 2011

end of school fun

End of school bits and pieces were lots of fun. Will try and download videos, having trouble today!

 leanna's piano recital
 JB year 8 performance at high school graduation (sorry blurry but taken from a loooong way away!)
 Nathan Speech and Drama concert
 Leanna in Choir performance at primary awards night
 Shalese in choir at primary awards night (one with the white flower in her hair)
 Shalese's Prep class did a little christmas concert for the parents. 
 Shalese deep in singing mode
 Cake we made for Leanna's teacher - he really loved the girls bithday cake in May, so we thought we would do a similar thing for a farewell cake! (he ended up sharing it with of us - the staff instead!) HE loved it!
Mr Shield - a very funny and excitable teacher!