Monday, June 14, 2010

Item in church

The girls performed once again in church a few weeks ago, enjoy!

fun in the bath

The girls are laughing (and crying?!) in the bath together!

Seaworld fun

Leanna and Shalese wanted to go to Seaworld for thier birthday, so instead of gifts and parties, we had a day out on a student free day, 7th June, 2010. We had fantastic tickets at $29 each, and we had so much fun:

Nathan and Dad are the last two on the back of this ride, it is going alot faster than it looks! What a ride!

tea party fun

Leanna had the day off sick due to a cough. Shalese and Leanna had a beautiful day of "co-operating" together, playing some lovely games. It was time for a Tea Party morning tea.