Thursday, September 8, 2011

OMF conference, Sydney

 Off we go, heading to the airport, with luggage in toe!
 Now just for the record, Pete says "Lets take a photo before we fly off", so as I click you can see the supervisor pointing his finger at us, which the family are looking at! At least we learnt that we cant take photos of the plane before we head to a foreign country.  The kids gave me heaps about getting into trouble:>Thanks Pete!!(opa would be very proud of taking every opportunity to take a family photo!)
 All buckled up and ready to go.  Shalese's first flight and Leanna's first flight she can remember.When we landed, Leanna yelled out "That was fun, can we do it again?" The fellow travellers on the plane had a giggle!
 The girls discovered the sick bags, I turned around to find them pretending to be sick! You are so funny girls!
 Ahhh! Like father, like son! My boys are growing up!

We had so much fun spending time with our family and our special Sydney cousins! Thanks for making the time to spend the weekend with us, amongst our busy timetable! Miss you all already!

Thornlands Community Church

 Peter did a great job preaching, sharing the word, on the topic of mission
Michelle Vandonge, A Bosma family friend, and MK,who chatted to the children about living overseas and what it was like for her.  Anne and Shord Vandonge came and introduced us to the church.  The church was a wonderful encouragement to us, and being mission minded and supportive in prayer, has been a beautiful experience for our family.

Prep Reverse Garbage excursion

Prep are learning about materials, and headed off to see reverse garbage.  A community shop which intales bits, pieces and left overs from dumps and companies.  The public can come and buy these items for craft etc at a very cheap price and teach about recycling with school groups.  The classes also went to the art gallery to see the art using rubbish.  A very fun day!

Leanna's Piano recital

Leanna and Mrs Bent

Sports and awards

Shalese winning race, the little girl in the red, with piggy tails, is she! Shalese didnt keep her eyes off the competition :>

 Shalese collecting her medallion.  She looked so small up on the big stage all by herself, but she did well

 Nathan was announced as student of the week
All three children received thier bronze behavioural certificates.  JB received a letter of  commendation by student leadership for good behaviour.

It was a very busy parade this morning, and the Bosma name was announced 5 times during assembly, as two parents pointed out to me.  I was pleased I was working that day to see it all unfold.  Congratulations Bosma children. We are very proud of your great behaviour in class and achievements!