Monday, November 30, 2009

Postie Pete for real

Pete and his crew are on a trial run for the new safety colours! They decided to scrap the flag idea yesterday, so enjoy it while it lasts! Pete is not sure of the reason, but maybe it could be that grown Aussie blokes didnt want to be seen dead with a bicycle flag in tow! The new colour is extremely bright! Pete's face is aglow when he walks through the door and I don't think its because he missed us so much!

Merry Christmas everyone

Attack of the Postie Pam Lady!
Mmm not sure what to think of this man!? He looks real but whats with the beard!

Peter had his family fun day for work on the weekend, and the children got to see santa and postie Pete (the redpostbox man - pete was asked to dress as postbox pete but wanted to spend the day with us instead! ahhh thats so nice! - it wouldnt have been that he had to wear tights and goof around in 35 degree heat!) We enjoyed the dodgem cars, ferris wheel and the free icecream and cold drinks the most! Hope everyone has a beautiful and cheerful Christmas and a gorgeous new Year!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Shalese graduated from pre kindy class and will be heading to St Johns C&K next year, just like her two brothers! Here is Shalese performing at her concert!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Leanna graduation - Prep

Leanna is now officially a Grade One girl! We were very entertained by our 'Angel' Leanna at her christmas concert/break up and recieved a Certificate of Achievement. It is hard to read so here is what her teachers 'certified' her with:- Leanna Bosma The 'Audrey Hepburn' Award for you have style and grace, Thank you for your fantastic effort and positive attitude! Ohhh thats so lovely!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Fathers Night at Prep

Leanna and Daddy had a wonderful time at Prep, having a treasure hunt by night with torches, and making what they found into a craft activity. Having a lovely talk by the teacher about taking risks as Dads, and eating very yummy supper together!

Latest addition to our family

We have taken on a new member and loving it (to death!!!) What great timing for us, the girls are having lots of fun with the puppy. I couldnt find pup the other day, and wandered into the girls room to find...... It was very happy and asleep, it was even getting rocked! I am waiting for the day that it will come out in a dress, and considering it is a boy I am not sure how Bubbles the Pup will like it!

Garage sale day!

We have moved in and slowly feeling like home. The pool is a big hit, morning and night! Riding to school in 8 minutes is a bonus, except we are all trying to beat the record each morning! Garage Sale went well, and the boys had their own table of goods to sell. We have sold the left over things on ebay! Lots of fun all round!

JB Graduation

Having Bosma as a last name is very convienent! Josh got to go first up on the stage out of all the year 6's! "I got it over and done with" said JB. Well done Josh we are very proud of you and excited for you as you step into a new part of your life.