Friday, May 6, 2011

Very sophisticated!

Leanna has had to get some glasses to help with reading and copying work from the board. Her teacher mentioned a few moments of squinting etc and we thought we would get it checked out! Doesnt she look fabulous in her new Bling!

Birthday No 5

My special bag given to me from Oma and Opa

Cupcakes for all my friends at school

Nathan 3-6 Athletics Carnival

It was great to watch Nathan show his skills at the Athletics Carnival. He ran the 100 and 200 metre races and came 3rd and 4th! Well done Son!

Church Family Camp

We all headed out to Moogara Dam, with our caravan and camped for 3 nights with Rochedale Baptist Church and we had alot of fun cooking marshmellows, playing basketball, tubing on the back of the boat, kyaking and chatting with our church family! Great time had by all! yes Rach tubed too, I forgot how old I am getting - lots of fun, but sore and bruised the next week. I successfully didnt fall off, even though paul the boatman tried very hard to get me off! Shalese and Leanna had a go too! Shalese fell off, she was fine, but couldnt get back on, so pete swam out and pushed her back up and off they went. The boys swam 3 times a day to the pontoon and back (1km), tubed and kyaked all day - we didnt see much of them. Cousin Andy came too!

Stradbroke Island

Its a must if you live in Qld to visit stradbroke Island, and we hadnt done it yet, so we took the ferry over, with the car and had a swim, bushwalk, sausage sizzle and visited the famous lakes and went home tired, but had a fantastic time! We can tick it off our must do list!

Rathdowney Show

yep thats flairy floss!


During the Easter break we spent some time doing day trips. Firstly we headed to Mt Tamborine and went for our favourite bushwalk, but it was rather boggy and wet, but we had so much fun slipping and sliding our way to the waterfall


Toowoomba runs a festival each year, which is organised by christian organisations. The main focus is Christian music, with live bands playing constantly over 4 days. We spent Friday enjoying all the fun the Easterfest had to offer