Friday, April 22, 2011

Radio fun

We were invited by Vision Radio to share our journey in Mission. It was a great experience, and enjoyed the opportunity to allow our story to be told, and hopefully inspire others to go to the nations and spread the good news! Thank you to Vision Radio, Chrissy and Phil for taking the time to share our journey. JB came with us and kindly took the photo, he thought it was pretty cool!

Happy Easter

Leanna created a butterfly, example of new life, and shalese made a chicken.

Nathan created this out of the clay. He sculptured two nails, three crosses, dice and empty cloth representing 'Jesus has risen'. I walked into the kitchen and he had put this together. Wonderful work Nathan!

This says the King of the Jews. To explain the next few slides. I walked out in the morning, to find the girls had woken early and created this very large paper cross, and leanna had written on this on top. Then I hear this little voice say "And I am Jesus" and thier was Shalese with a big grin on her face with a 'nail' mark on her forhead, hands and feet, which Leanna had created for her! It was a very funny sight, but wonderful creativity!

The children made, created and showed thier understanding of the Easter Story, I hope you enjoy! From the mouth of Babes. Happy Easter Everyone!

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Great Nana's 80th

Nana's siblings and cousins

Nana's children and thier partners

Nana's children and grandchildren (half of them anyway!)

Nana's children

some of my direct cousins

My cousin Kim, she is my mums sisters daughter, she has 8 children!

Nana's cousins

My mum

My beautiful girls

My Nana in Yellow and her cousin and my cousin (yes the baby is my uncles baby- Thomas)

My Dad (Tony), he is MC for the day - a family tradition!

My Nana, the children's great Nana turned 80 last week, and we had a huge gettogether with first to 4th generation, plus Nana's brothers and close friends. Please enjoy meeting my extended family!

Activities Galore!

We put together a craft box full of fun things to stick, glue, paint, draw and cut. We made some amazing things, but most importantly we had fun doing it! Clay fun! All the children enjoyed creating interesting creatures! (shalese's green shade on her face is from a face paint - she is not feeling unwell:.)

The girls and I are really enjoying working on our Off we Go! activity book, which is a lovely resource to assist in preparing children for moving overseas. They make a passport, party invites, shade in faces of our feelings, what to pack etc! We have had lots of discussion and questions answered.

The girls wanted to create a fairy princess garden, so we had lots of fun making our special colourful garden!

We even had to dress up as fairy princesses

birthday fun

Leanna's very special friend, Mahala and her family joined us for a swim and fish and chips

My two 'other' special girls in my life - Karin and Ange took me out to 'the jetty' resturant for birthday dinner. I am wearing my gift from Karin - a necklace.

I had a lovely day on my birthday, we attended a soccer game for JB, then we headed out to Wynnum and had fish and chips for dinner. Thanks so much for your calls and cards! felt very loved!

Monday, April 11, 2011


My message to you my Hubby!
This sometimes is a message to you too my Husband:>
This was big silver balls placed around a massive black cube. Mmmmm not sure either, but it looked beautiful

These were packing boxes piled inside one another coloured plastic bags tied to a balloon shaped wire frame

Pete and I had the absolute pleasure of visiting the Brisbane art gallery and Modern Art gallery, on our week's holiday. We had a different prospective on the art when having no children to share the moment with: Here are some of the weird and wonderful things we saw.

End of Term Choir

The girls are in the Prep-2yrs Choir together this year, and they are really enjoy learning new songs that they can sing and argue over in the car. "Thats not how it goes, it goes like this" But they did a great job. You will have to look really, really, really hard for leanna, being the smallest in height (not personality) in yr 2 she blends in well with the crowd!