Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Our Thai Home

This is the rest of the house, came fully funished. Photo taken from the kitchen doorway, and the childrens bedroom is just off the left side of photo and our bedroom is the one after the desk, And that is our house very small, but as we keep reminding ourselves, it is slightly bigger than a caravan. 

Our kitchen, fully furnished right down to spoons and forks (had to borrow some knives as Thai dont use these!

Our little Thai home

our little Thai street, with beautiful neighbours who dont mind us blundering through our Thai

Our grocery shop, (the bike came with the house as we are borrowing the lease from another familly while they are at home in Canada. Since this photo was taken we have two bikes, mine is an auto everything and we drop the kids off to school each day that way - quicker and cheaper!

School for the Children and Mum and Dad

Shalese's kindergartan class, they dont wear uniforms exept on sports day, the three younger ones are learning Thai 2wice a week

Nathan had the special priviledge of raising the flag this week, while the Thai anthem is playing in respect of the Thai king

School Office

Leanna got 100% in her spelling so we had a cake, and shared it with Jamin in Australia for his birthday

just finished thier first full day at school

Pete hard at work making flashcards for Thai language school

this is what we learnt in a one hour lesson

Pete's drawing I found on the whiteboard after his hour of practice in our study room, Mmmm how was it going today Pete?

The food stalls outside the school grounds in the afternoon, they have alot of students buying afternoon tea - very cheap 35c for a large iced juice drink


Our new home Chiang Mai, Thailand

Old City Gate

One of many, many Buddist Temples

The Mote around the old City

Nathan's favourite market stall, FRUIT!

Old City Markets

Indoor Markets

This lady is literally surrounded by her goods, she is here everyday but can't work out how she gets in and out!

Sunset at the house we stayed when first arrived.  The building with the red roof is the Dorm we will be caring for

Pete's first drive in Chiang Mai

Our neighbours home - she loves her plants

One mighty load, plenty of these each day on the roads.

Ahhh, something familiar

Mmmm, yes you can touch these with your bare hands, as they are in arms length of you

walking bridge accross the mote in the old city

These are some photos that capture Asia for us.  Wish we could pass on the sounds and smells as well.  The smoke has been very bad, and havent seen blue sky, stars or the mountains, but in a month it will clear with some rain.  We love Chiang Mai!