Friday, November 26, 2010

Heta's happy years

Heta was born on the 25th of December, 1994. Rachael found her in a petshop for $50 while shopping for wedding things. Rachael gave heta to Peter as a Wedding present. She was a very healthy, happy and bouncy pup. We had to put her to sleep today, the 26th of November, 2010 due to ageing. This is to remember our time together as a huge part of our family. Heta was able to welcome each of our children to our family, and protected them lovingly. Thank you so much for bringing us such pleasure and happiness Heta. You will be truely missed. as JB said "love never dies with death" RIP our dear Heta. "

Saturday, November 20, 2010

legless lizard

Nathan found a legless lizard floating in the pool. It just couldnt get out of the pool and the salt water wouldnt have helped. Nathan dragged it out and thought he could be a good pet. mum decided that this would not be a great idea due to smell etc. Nathan decided to have a burial service and place him in the pool garden.

Leanna's Recital

Leanna loves her teacher Mrs Bent, she is very gentle and quiet spoken, they did a duet togetherLeanna was very proud of her achievement today! We loved listening to you play on the grand paino, well done!

Josh awards night

On Thursday night Groves Distance Education had an awards night for the students. There was about 100 families there, it was a great night, and JB was very suprised when his award was announced. Well done Son!

Happy Birthday Peter

Note Shalese, she is doing cross eyed and bubbles is trying to eat the birthday food. Whats with the Pooh Bear!
Pete loves to celebrate his birthday - it really shows:> Can you find Pooh Bear in this picture?

HAPPY BIRTHDAY PETER! Hope you had a great day and have a fantastic year to come! Thanks to all those who sent birthday Wishes Pete's way, he felt truely loved and thought of!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Going to the Nations Prayerletter 3

While at the Medical appointment, Shalese had to have her heart listened to. Leanna said “Wow I can see her gills!” We had to explain that humans can breathe out of water, so therefore they are called ribs! Over the past month we have gone through all the checks and double checks to make sure we are healthy to go. The children have had to have a lot of needles, including the TB (Mantoux test). I said to the boys “Well, it will be the girls turn to have our mantuox test next week” Nathan piped up and said, “Wouldn’t that be called the womantuox test?” He has obviously kept his sense of humor through the whole process! God has provided a contract for our house, for a great price and in this market, it is a true miracle. It is a 4 week settlement, as we prayed for God’s timing; we will go with that! 1 Peter 4:11 summed up for us this month, of how he provides us strength to speak his words and serve for him! Praise God for all his provision and strength to get through all the moves and medicals!

Past and present:
- We had a truly encouraged with our time at Burwood Baptist Church, Sydney
- Have started our cluster group together, through our church, Rochedale Baptist
- LOTS of tidying for open houses and inspections
- Attending the Candidates Course on the 1st – 10th of December & state interview 9th Nov.
- Nathan performed in the choir
- Leanna has started practicing her piano skills and is doing very well!
- Nathan and Leanna received their behavior silver and bronze certificates at school
Prayer Points:
- Guidance of Peter, as he leads the Monday Prayer Meetings
- Rachael to keep up with packing, school and church responsibilities over the next 2 weeks
- JB – He can do a good job with his end of year assessments
- Nathan – That he doesn’t keep losing his voice, due to lots of talking and cheering at school
- Leanna – For her friend Katie, who is doing a road trip, please pray for a safe return
- Shalese – Has a good time with her kindy friends before the year ends
- God’s presence, guidance and safety as we attend the Candidates Course on the 1st-10th of December
Praise Points:
- A contract on the house. Yey!
- God’s provision of available appointments and finance for vaccinations and travel costs to Sydney
- The children (Mum and Dad too), were very brave during the medicals – a healthy family!
- Joshua was able to reach his deadlines for handing in work, Shalese learnt to ride her two wheeler bike

Kate's on a role

Kate won a Gold medal for the perfect marks in 6 subjects, Gold medal for top 4 subjects marks, and the School Dux of the Year! Well done Katelyn. We are so proud of your dilligence and work ethic. We are proud in whatever you do, but this is so cool!

Ride on Shalese

Shalese had her first attempt at 2 wheels and it was an instant success story! Well done Shalese, you are so strong and brave. As Pete says to the girls "You are the boss of your bike!" A few crashes and bruises, but no tears, smiles all the way! Congratulations sweet girl.

Twilight Choir concert

Nathan and the Choir sang a lord of the rings piece. It was lovely, and Twilight hit as they sang. Beautiful Work!

Nathan's swimming Carnival

Nathan Swam hard recently, at the year 4-6 swimming carnival. He was placed in the age bracket higher, as that is were he qualified. He came fourth! Yey Nathan!