Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hello everyone, here is the text format of our newsletter, we are hoping to learn better how to transport it over in a better format, but here is the latest news from us. Thanks for being patient with us while we learn new skills in computer creation!

IT his has been a busy and productive month
for all of us. The children finalized many
school activities and break up parties. We
were successful in packing up all our boxes
and moving out of our home, just in the nick
of time! We felt truly blessed by the many
offers of help to pack, clean and move. It
definitely got us out the door that much
quicker, so a huge thank you to you all. Two
days after moving out, we drove to Sydney,
as a family and participated in the Candidates
Course run by OMF. We learnt a lot about the
ins and outs, ups and downs of mission work.
We are so thankful for this opportunity to
gain this knowledge. We have been offered
the use of a home for the next 4 weeks, while
we make a decision regarding our future accommodation.
His servants, Pete and Rachael
Merry Christmas To You!
Provisional acceptance
We have been offered
acceptance of
our application,
and are able to now
move onto the next
step. We are now
in ‘deputation
Mode’. We are now
excited to speak
and share our mission
calling and
gain support
through prayer and
financial provision.
We are praying
that we will be able
to attend the May
Orientation Course
in Singapore.
We then will move
onto Loburi Thailand
to spend a
year language
learning and then
to the dorms in
Chiang Mai, Thailand.
The children were able to
learn about what it means
to move as missionaries
to Thailand,. They
learnt about transition,
currency, safety and culture.
All these topics
answered a lot of questions
and concerns they
had regarding this big
change. They are feeling
very excited about
Christmas and spending
time together during the
next few weeks
P e t e r , R a c h a e l , J o s h u a , N a t h a n , L e a n n a , S h a l e s e
December 2010
Praise God for
safe travel on recent
trip to Sydney
Praise God that
time was available
to have a
Christmas Celebration
family in Sydney
Rest and
‘regroup as a
family over the
Christmas Break
(could be our
last Christmas
with family for a
few years)
Many opportunities
to speak and
share our journey
in Mission
Provision of
prayer and financial
Person to come
and assist with
chn’s schooling
while in Language
Health while receiving
1—10th Jan Pete Hols
13 Jan-13 Dec House sit
PO BOX 7002 UPPER MT GRAVATT QLD 4122 ph 0431986017
(All our prayerletters are included on our blog, so feel free to catch up on past and present news)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Killows Crafty Gift

We were sent a lovely surprise in the mail from the Killow family, and we had lots of fun putting it together for Christmas! Thanks so much, it looks fantastic, and we loved the green staples, fantastic idea!

Visiting Nana and Pop's new home

We did alot of gardening with Nana while we camped out at her place for a few days. It was so much fun!

Dress up fun

The owner of the home we are staying, is involved with speech and Drama etc, and makes beautiful costumes of all sorts. The children were given permission to try on some, so here is a few of the chosen ones:

U2 can enjoy U2

Peter received a U2 concert ticket, with a great view of the whole scene. It was during the Candidates Course, so we arranged cheap flights and room to stay in Brisbane. He had a well deserved break and rest! Happy Birthday Peter. You are wonderful!

Sydney Flowers

It was nice to see Sydney Blooming, it brought back many fond memories and smells. These were taken in the backyard of the home the Bosma's were caring for.

Christmas time in Sydney

Boys enjoying each others company
Eagerly waiting for opening gifts time

Pete telling Aunty Ruby a story about a croc, that happened when we went around Australia. Love the hand jestures my Husband:>

We had a Christmas Celebration with the Sydney Bosma's and Aunty Ruby, it was a lovely afternoon, and our tummy's felt like Christmas Day. Thanks so much to Julie, Dave and Elijah for such a lovely visit together, and thanks again for taking great care of our children!

Ahh Girls asleep

In Sydney, while attending the Candidates course, the girls shared a bed, and Shalese loved to snuggle up to her big sister during the night!

Baby birds born

We are doing a little catch up with our blog so bare with the timing of the next few entries! Enjoy

The three baby birds hatched a week before we left for Sydney! If you look carefully you can see three beaks, and then you can work out from there were the babies start and end