Saturday, October 15, 2011

Thai Students Homestay

 fish and chips/scooters/beach fun at Wynnum
JB came to the community health outing
We have two lovely Thai students staying with us.  They attend the Christian University of Thailand, training in Nursing. Nai is from Chaing Mai and Ying is from Lampang (which is 2 hrs from CM)  We have had so much fun with the girls and they are now a big part of our family! Nathan has learnt alot of Thai words, and JB has spent alot of time talking to them about Australian animals and Jesus. We have given them a 'taste' of Australia, with meat pies, roast dinner, koala sanctuary, feeding kangaroos, australian beaches and some theme parks.  They also had the opportunity to visit universities, community health and hospitals.

                                             Wishart Village aged care

 Teaching Nathan Thai words, with blackboard and all!
 Nai and Ying cooked us a Thai meal.  We had a prawn and curry soup and a mince dish with rice of course!
Nai feeding the Kangaroo
                                                Ying with a koala


This photo of Shalese's footprint in the sand reminded me of the footprints poem.  I know it is an 'oldy' but it is a 'goody'

Girls haircuts

The Girls wanted to cut thier hair shorter, mum was to sad to take them, but Daddy liked the idea so he was happy to give it a go.  I have to admit is alot eaiser in the morning when we are getting ready.  Shalese has a Bob and leanna is cut to her shoulders.  Shalese loves it, but Leanna is going to grow hers again.

September Holiday

 Our family friends Jamin and Mahala came for a sleepover and we wonderfully entertained by dancing concerts! The boys did the 'silly' dance, Mmmm can tell by the photo!
 We spent a night and 2 days at the coast, we went for some bushwalks, fishing, playing in the sand, swimming and riding our scooters, it was a great time of rest and family time together.  It had been to long between holidays!

Not sure who was having more fun, Dad or the kids  :>

JB soccer awards

 JB's coach received the coach of the Year

HMT Thai Dinner

We have a group of close friends who are our support network while we are overseas.  OMF call it a Home Ministry Team.  They have been such a wonderful blessing to us, and we couldnt have got this far without them.  We decided that it might be nice to go out and share a Thai meal together.

JB Christian Studies Assignment

 Of course JB had to meet the neighbourhood pets along the way!
JB had to come up with an idea to share the good news of Jesus to someone in his neighbourhood.  He decided to create a handout with a simple message and place it in letterboxes in our street.  We had alot of fun delivering them!

Moving house

Our previous house sold, and as we prayed that it would sell in God's timing, it was perfect.  The 17th was the set day to move out and another home became available on the 17th! The kids are now very good at packing!

What does Immunisation, Nathan's birthday and Bowling have in common?

 On the 22nd of September we had to go and get our Mantoux test checked and then a needle in the arm.  Nathan had his birthday that day, so great present for him!!! Yep leanna was feeling a little 'stressed' so the photo of her is a little acurate:>The girls got alot of stickers for being so brave.
 So the bowling was a reward for being so brave, but not thinking that our arms maybe a little tender, so we didnt play as well as we would have liked!
 Leanna won the game got 3 strikes! Pete said he didnt win because his arm was to sore, we all think that was just an excuse.  Leanna took alot of time lining it up perfectly! (if you look closely you can see her TB immunisation on the top of her arm, they still are a little yukky today!)
 Shalese has very strong arms!

Nathan's 11th Birthday

It has been a few months since we added anything to our blog so I will apologise! Nathan had a friend come and sleepover on his actual birthday and Nathan requested Lasanga for dinner.  A few weeks earlier he invited 3 friends to Dreamworld

He invited his brother too! They are such great mates
Nathan, Cody, Joshua and Jayden

I think some of the boys felt like Oma after her whale trip, a little sick after this ride!
Motorbike ride - one of the 6 extreme rides
Happy 11th Birthday Nathan, we love your quick whit and happy person you are!