Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Capture that

Mt Cootha Lookout

spot the rainbow

Brisbane river

Shalese said that she spotted nocturnal Giraffes, it took as a while but we found them. Not sure why they "slept at day time" but very clever. Even Elijah said that "Shalese, Giraffes live in the zoo!"

A competition on who could write the largest letter 'A' in the sand. Nathan won!

Walking through the city

Tunnel to the childrens art areas at Modern art Gallery

Whos coming for Dinner?

Elijah wanted to see the Dinosaur garden, we did lots of dancing together, watch out for the huge T-Rex in the background!

We used our streamers we made to enjoy the airpocket in the Art Gallery

Working hard to design an item for the shop shelves

Enjoying the windy mirrored room at the modern Art Gallery

Enjoying our coffee at the modern Art Gallery. The children were very impressed with the small cups that matched the adults

Finished my Babychino, now lets work on that Marshmellow!

Walking together at Mt Cootha. Aunty Rachael loving every moment spent with Elijah

Shalese, still waiting for her Babychino to arrive

The Lads! Yes our neighbor Ricky, comes and joins in on alot of our activities too

Elijah and Leanna sharing a seat, after enjoying our babychino's

Holding up our number for the Man to bring our babychino's we dont want to miss out!

Brisbane city via Mt Cootha Lookout

We all had our hair done, ready for church - who said boys cant wear piggy tails too!

Fish and Chips at Wellington Pt, provided by our Uncle Dave - Thanks Uncle Dave Yum!

Finding shells on our King Island Adventure walk

Elijah loves sitting on Leanna's knee, Leanna didnt mind it either!

We made bright green playdough together, now for the fun part! playing with it!

Many visits to the creek to build dams and catch yabbies (or brim or snapper for Elijah:>)

Josh and Aunty Rach did lots of cooking with many helpers to lick the spoons

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Nathan had a great day celebrating his 10th birthday with family and friends. He had a Pizza, popcorn and pool party! They had a swim in the very cold water, pizza eating, WII/playstation, birthday cake, movie and Popcorn! Lots of fun! Thanks so much for the well wishes and gifts everyone!

GUESS WHO'S COMING TO DINNER?:> (watch this space!)

Friday, September 17, 2010

Tricky Eyes

Leanna and Shalese have learnt to go cross eyed - SCARY!:>

Our Creek

We are blessed with having a beautiful parkland and Dog park across the road from us, and we have discovered this sandy area, on the creek edge. We like to build dam walls to see if we can stop the water running through! Opa would be very proud of some of our Dam designs! We have also met lots of our neighbours and pets due to the fenced dog area.

Leanna's International Day

Leanna watchs closely as her friends parade their outfits
Leanna's class in thier brightly coloured costumes, Mrs Speagiat, being from Africa wore a lovely costume!

The year one students have been learning about countries from around the world, so they had a celebration! They dressed up in different cultures dress wear, Leanna chose to wear her Indonesian outfit. Her talk was fantastic afterward! She has grown in confidence. Well done Leanna!

Choir perfomance

Mum and Shalese enjoying the music together!
Nathan and Leanna did an African song each, with dance and clapping! Sounded awesome!

We were able to enjoy a couple of choir performances from Nathan and Shalese, in a showcase called "Around the World in 60 Minutes, at school. It sounded wonderful children! Thank you!

Fathers Day

HAPPY FATHERS DAY! hope all you lovely Daddy's had a wonderful time with family!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

spring has sprung

Travelling from Mum and Dads new home in Beaudesert on Sunday showed us the signs of Spring coming! God's creation is truely amazing!

Creative Shalese

Shalese drew a beautiful picture of our family! All wearing our favourite colours, except daddy because he is being a fireman, and has to wear fire colours! All the girls hair is blowing in the wind. I questioned her choice of height for Nathan, but she insisted that Nathan seems that tall! Good description - she knows us so well!